Monday, October 5

Album Cover: Echo | Leona Lewis


Can you say FIERCE? If only Leona’s lead track, “Happy” was as hot as this. I’m really impressed with the cover though. Maybe Leona will be showing a new side of her this era.

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Album Review: Exposed | Kristinia DeBarge


Release Date: July 28, 2009

I have to say that in reviewing this album I may be slightly biased. But I can’t help it. Kristinia DeBarge is like a mini-Rihanna. Her music just screams R&B/Pop confetti waiting to be thrown at the world.

The 19 year old teenager’s debut is far from spectacular because it’s just layered with fillers on almost every other track. But there are extremely bright moments for the up and coming star. One example, is my favourite, the emotional and dreamy, “Future Love” which begins with a melodic piano pattern. The song is filled with emotion and is just screaming hit. Other standouts are the popular “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” (Steam) sample, “Goodbye” and the Rihanna-esque track, “Sabotage”. The latter, personally contains lyrical genius. The idea of her alter ego ‘sabotaging’ her is a phenomenal concept. So kudos to the writers of that song.

The remainder of Kris’ album is generic pop. However, some songs can’t be discarded. It’s fluffy, yes. But who doesn’t enjoy that sometimes? Give or take 10 plays, you’re bound to fall in love with “Powerless”. One or two listens should have you hooked on "'Doesn’t Everybody Want To Fall In Love” and depending on your mood, you should be vibing to the clichéd pop jam, “Cried Me A River”.

Okay, so where are the aforementioned fillers? “Speak Up” has the potential to be better and "Dies In Your Eyes” as well as “Somebody” and maybe even “Its Gotta Be Love” all lack that major twist – originality. They’re all so ‘I’ve-Heard-This-Before’. So maybe being so much like Rihanna isn’t so much of a good thing. Because, no one can do it like her.

So while Kristinia DeBarge works on exposing the real her for album number two.. I’ll be listening to some “Good Girl Gone Bad”.

Album Highlights

Future Love – Kristinia DeBarge

Sabotage – Kristinia DeBarge

Doesn’t Everybody Want To Fall In Love – Kristinia DeBarge

Goodbye – Kristinia DeBarge

Powerless – Kristinia DeBarge

Album Rating - [3/5]

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Sunday, September 27

The Return Is Near....

Your favourite blog is soon gonna be back online! Exclusively Exclusive will be up and running with new posts regularly in no time.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 15

RiRi Loves R&B: Pays Homage To Destiny’s Child & Mariah Carey

The text used for Rihanna’s portrait contains the song titles from a list of songs that have inspired her. The art is to be featured on billboards, TV spots and online campaigns worldwide. Rihanna’s selections included some Destiny’s Child songs including: “Say My Name,” “Bills, Bills, Bills,” “Survivor,” “Independent Women” and “Lose My Breath.”

You can see other Grammy artwork of such artists as Check out other Grammy artwork of Stevie Wonder and Lil Wayne at

In other news, Lil Wayne and The Jonas Brothers have been confirmed as performers at this year’s ceremony. BOOM! JB! It’s gonna be ON and poppin’.


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LeToya Luckett Returns With ‘Not Anymore’

After generating moderate success with platinum self-titled debut , LeToya is back with a new single that has been generating a bit of buzz online. The song is a very simple R&B-styled tune written than none other than Toby Gad & BC Jean (“If I Were A Boy”).

The song definitely doesn’t top that nor ‘Toya’s first two singles but maybe with the fanbase she gained from before and the sympathy from people who are still bitter on her DC shutout, it might be a hit on urban radio.


Not Anymore – LeToya 

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Wednesday, January 14

Music Video: Us Against The World | Christina Milian

I’m a bit late with the video but I’m a firm believer in Ms. Milian. Hopefully, the video will help the song which seems to have been unsuccessful on Top 40 radio.


Us Against The World – Christina Milian

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Saturday, January 10

Album Cover: Ryan Leslie – Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie’s self-titled debut album is hitting stores February 10th and I suppse it features the singles ‘Diamond Girl’ and ‘Addiction’. Definitely two of the more underrated singles of ‘08. The next single is ‘How It Was Supposed To Be’. Hopefully that will have more success with the album dropping soon. The cover is simple, nice and Ryan looks good. The cover will be appreciated by the very limited numbers that go out to buy it ( =[ ).

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My Love – The-Dream & Mariah Carey

I have to say tht I am very very…. disappointed. A collaboration with two artists as magnificent as The-Dream and Mariah Carey should be making instant gold. This is more like…tin. ‘My Love’ is the third official single from The-Dream’s next album, “Love Vs. Money” following ‘Rockin’ That Thang'” and “Let Me See The Booty” which I’ve also put up for download. This era is definitely weak in comparison to Love/Hate.


My Love – The-Dream f/ Mariah Carey

Let Me See The Booty – The-Dream f/Lil’ Jon

Rockin’ That Thang – The-Dream

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Kelly Clarkson Ready To Dominate With “All I Ever Wanted”

Kelly Clarkson’s next studio album “All I Ever Wanted” is coming March 17th and will feature the first single ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’. That’s the official cover up there which, personally I find a bit horrid, minus the fonts.

The single cover on the other hand is a beauty. You can check it out below as well as a 30-sec preview of the first single.


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Lady GaGa On Reality TV Singers//Performs Just Dance On Jay Leno

When asked about Alexandra Burke and The X Factor (and likewise American Idol, MTB, etc.), dance-pop mini-princess Lady GaGa had this to say...

"If you win a TV show and you have a hit record, you sort of have a false understanding of what it means to earn success," GaGa told The Sun. "The shows are set up for a winner, for someone to win."
"Whereas with someone like me, who writes my own songs, you have to set yourself up to win." The New York electropop star added.

Personally, I get where she is coming from but I don’t think that was the way for her to say it. Who knows what trials Alexandra and others went through to get on X Factor. Some people quit their jobs to go on shows like that. GaGa’s reasoning is crazy and I think she just lost some fans.

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