Thursday, July 31

Just For Laughs: MadTV

Just a lil' random post. I find MadTV hilariously funny. They're the best!

Girlicious Parody

Wow, Rihanna

A picture is worth a thousand words. One that comes to mind is wow. Another is hotness.


Katy Perry, Rihanna & Chris Brown Top Charts

    Katy Perry better watch out. It's been six weeks for the newcomer at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 but the newest power couple is on her heels. Observe:

2. Rihanna - Take A Bow

3. Chris Brown - Forever

4. Rihanna - Disturbia

Congrats, to Rihanna on being only the fifth fifth female singer (Madonna, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and Ashanti being the other four) to have two songs in the Top 5 at the same time.

On the album side of things Miley Cyrus debuted at number 1 with 371,000 copies sold. What the hell were these buyers thinking?

Wednesday, July 30

My Dress Code Brings All The Poodles To The Yard

C'mon Kelis! You really gotta do better than this.

10 points for originality though!

New Harry Potter Trailer

The new Harry Potter trailer (Half Blood Prince) showcases the young Voldemort. Exciting? Things are looking up. But what other direction could it be for Harry Potter?


This Is Why I Love Solange More Than..Everyone?

This girl is mad funny. She is just totally lost trying to vlog. It's hilarious. Lol. She talks about the album, the single, her next music video & her upcoming appearance on CBS' television show 'Ghost Whisperer'. Watch the video and leave some comments guys..

SoL-AngeL and the Hadley St. Dreams is due in stores August 26th, hopefully with no date push-backs. Peep the album cover below (I love this girl's style).

What do you think?

Monday, July 28

Music Video: Got Money | Lil' Wayne

It's Lil' Wayne. Nuff said.

You like?

People Finally Catching Paper Planes

It's taken a while but thanks to the advertisements for Pineapple Express, M.I.A. might have her first hit in the U.S. with 'Paper Planes'. Theres' no denying this song is fire. It's one of my favourites ever and it's at #11 on the iTunes Top 100 Songs. Excelente!

Pineapple Express Trailer

Paper Planes (Music Video)


Paper Planes - M.I.A.

Music Lesson #1

Music Lessons! That's the name for the post that'll cover songs from the past. Back, way back or maybe a little back. It could be a year, 6 years, maybe 30 years..let's start small this week though...

Words cannot express how much I love this song. It's just so beautiful - the production, the lyrics, the vocals. It's amazing. For a song that came out in 2006 I really shouldn't be calling it a flashback but still, it's a classic IMO. Unfaithful by Rihanna, still a song that I put on repeat.

Download these:

Saturday, July 26

Ne-Yo's Bow

Here's Ne-Yo's own little version of 'Take A Bow'. The male's point of view. Check it out.

Take A Bow (Response) - Ne-Yo

What do you think?

Disney Recruiting Beyonce, Rihanna & More

Beyonce has been chosen to sing “Part Of Your World” from Disney’s classic movie The Little Mermaid for their compilation CD which will be released this September. Also singing other Disney hits will include Rihanna and Chris Brown (Aladdin) “A Whole New World”, Pussycat Dolls (Hercules) “I Won’t Say (I’m In Love)”, and Alicia Keys (Mulan) “Reflection” plus many more!

Wowwwww....should we be excited? I say that Chris Brown & Rihanna duet should be cool & the Pussycat Dolls better not kill that track. That's actually one of my favourite Disney songs.

Credits: Love B. Scott

Music Video: Bad Girl | Danity Kane

Now this is what I'm talking about! This video is so sexy. Danity Kane is fly. Superhero fly! Check it out!

Friday, July 25

Music Video: Marco Polo | Bow Wow

Haha. This song is pretty catchy. Nice lil' summer jam. The video is cool too. Marco polo..marco polo...


Thursday, July 24

LL Cool J On So You Think You Can Dance

Check out LL Cool J's debut performance of 'Baby'. He was accompanied by The-Dream & they both (especially LL with his "jump" call - watch it and you'll see what I'm talking about) got into it. Hype!! It's definitely gonna make me play this song a lot more. Maybe iTunes Top 100 Songs soon?

You like?

Shock Value 2!

Looks like Timbaland's next studio album is gonna be even bigger guys. The hip-hop producer/rapper recently had a little talk with MTV and gave away the following:

"Right now, I have a song with Madonna that I didn't put on her album. I saved [it] in case I wanna do one for me," he revealed. "Of course I'mma do one with Beyoncé. Of course I'mma do one with Jordin Sparks, Rihanna. It's a lot of people. I'mma do one with Jonas Brothers. I'mma try to have 10 major ones."

On the hip-hop side, Timbo said he's looking at T.I., already has T-Pain and expects Jay-Z. "Jay was really on the last one, but he wanted to change [the song]," he said. "I said, 'Look, man, I gotta put out an album. You're killing me.' "


What do you think?

Katy Perry Still At Number One

Five weeks and going strong! Katy Perry's 'I Kissed A Girl' continues to be the number one song in the USA. 'Take A Bow' by Rihanna is at number 2 - it's been there for a while - and Chris Brown's 'Forever' is right behind his lover at a new peak of 3.

That not so good but still good song, 'Dangerous' by Kardinal Offishall is now at number 9 & 'Disturbia' by Rihanna sticks at 15 (expect a large jump next week).

'Closer' by Ne-Yo is highest airplay gainer, it has a hugeee unexpected bullet this week in Top 40 Radio.

When I Grow Up Remix

Darkchild, Diddy, Lil Wayne & Fat Man Scoop all make appearances on the official remix of the Pussycat Doll's first single 'When I Grow Up'. It's hott! Just like the original ..& the girls. lol. Listen to the 'Thriller' sample in parts of the song, nice.

When I Grow Up (Remix) - Pussycat Dolls f/ Diddy, Lil' Wayne, Darkchild & Fatman Scoop

"Doll Domination" is set for a September 16th (US) release date.

Jennifer Hudson on Regis & Kelly

Way to go Jen. Was this her first live television performance for her solo career? If so, good. The guitar did a great job! Too bad it was downplayed by her huge breasts which managed to steal the spotlight.

Lady GaGa Soaks in The Fame

Here's the cover for Lady GaGa's "The Fame". Not really what I was expecting but still I like!

Check out a long, detailed and fun interview of the new disco princess at Ali's Blog.

Monday, July 21

Music Video: Disturbia | Rihanna

Wow. Wow & Wow. LOL. This is absolutely one of the best videos I've ever seen in my short 15 years of existence. Rihanna just takes the cake with this one. And she damn well eats it too.


Sunday, July 20

Kelly Rowland Kills The Show

For all you Kelly Rowland lovers and haters, I've got an amazing performance by Kelly from T4 On The Beach (an annual music event held in England). Kelly performed her European hit 'Work' as well as 'Dillema' and a Destiny's Child medley. The DC medley was soooo good that I had to post it here.

She definitely did a spectacular job and really controlled the stage and the audience. I wanna see a DC reunion but seeing Kelly work it out there alone makes me feel like cussing her management for giving her the worse possible treatment. An artist of her caliber should be making hit after hit and getting number one albums. I'll see you in the parking lot Matthew Knowles.

Wynter Gordon In Studio

Most of you music lovers should know Wynter Gordon by now. Here's a video of Wynter recording a song 'Bigger Than You' with producer Toby Gad (Big Girls Don't Dry - Fergie & Untouched - The Veronicas). The song sounds like it should be good. I'm still waiting on her to release 'Surveillance'. However, apparently either Insomnia or Simple Girl will be chosen as the lead single.

Theater Of The Mind Almost Finished is reporting that Grammy winning rapper Ludacris is putting the finishing touches on his conceptual album "Theater Of The Mind". Rumours suggest that he might collaborate with Eminem and Good Charlotte - that'd be interesting. 

A first single is expected to be released to radio in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

I Like Me Some Chicken And Waffles

Nirvana Savoury is bringing some creativity with her first single, Chicken-N-Waffles which features Midi Mafia (Hold It Don't Drop It; 21 Questions; When I See U). The song is pretty good and should get some airplay. This girl is really pretty and the music video should be nice!

Chicken-N-Waffles (f/ Midi Mafia) - Nirvana Savoury

RiRi Reigns The World 4 4 Weeks

Take a bow Rihanna. You're the best.

I'm not being biased, I'm just stating the facts.. (maybe a bit biased).

'Take A Bow' is number one on the United World Chart for the fourth consecutive week.

Rumour has it that Disturbia's music video is set for a July 22nd release (this Tuesday). We'll see if that's true. I'm tired of waiting!

Teyana Taylor Making Moves On The Runway

Teyana Taylor shut down the show on the runway at  the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week teyanataylorSwim on Thursday. She also took that opportunity to debut her 2nd single (the first being the mucho cool 'Google Me') 'Move'.

Hopefully we'll have our hands on that song soon. What do you think of Teyana modelling? I know a lot of people don't think she's very attractive but I think she's pretty. Plus her body's a all you girls are hatin!

Rihanna's rumoured to be hittin' the event as well so we can look forward to some more pics from the runway.

Saturday, July 19


What greater reason to go "mamma mia" and speaking of Mamma Mia (the movie), it's fueling ABBA sales. For those of you who don't know, ABBA was a Swedish dance-pop (disco) group that reigned worldwide charts back in the 70's & 80's. My favourite and the most popular ABBA song is 'Dancing Queen'. Check it out below & if you're into it, watch Mamma Mia!

Who'd Of Known?

Who'd of thought that Lily Allen could've made music that was even better than that on her absolutely amazing debut, 'Alright, Still'. The song, 'Who'd of Known' is excellent but unfortunately it's not gonna be featured on her next album. Looking forward to better things though! Her second studio album, 'Stuck On The Naughty Step' is expected to be released later this year.

Who'd Of Known - Lily Allen

Credits to

David Archuleta & His Crush

No, American idol runner-up David Archuleta does not have a crush - or at least I don't know. Instead the 17 year old singer (now signed to Jive Recordings) is ready to release his first single. Crush! Impacting Top 40 radio on August 12th.

I'm looking forward to the song and some keen competition between the Davids. A duet would be nice! Just be sure to buy the single and the album when they come out, we don't want Daddy Archuleta to have to cuss out the label..and David.

OneRepublic Stop By Jay Leno

Aren't Ryan Tedder's vocals just so intriguing and engaging? They just suck me in everytime. My favourite male vocalist for now. you know where your heart is....they shoulda sang that song instead, Say (All I Need).

In Case You Missed It..

Check out the very hott and disco-rocking performance of 'Just Dance' by Lady GaGa at the 2008 Miss Universe competition held in Vietnam.

'Just Dance' may not be performing to well Stateside (yet) but the song is rocking the Canadian charts, peaking at #3 this week on their Hot 100.

All I Gotta Say Is..Wow

Lil' Mama gave the freestyle of the yearrrr when she broke it down on 106 & Park. Freestylin' to the beat from 'A Milli' (Lil' Wayne - produced by Bangladesh) the 18 year old rapper sent the audience and Terrence crazzyy. Check out the incredible performance below.

Exclusive: Shontelle

New artist Shontelle hails from Barbados (awesome) and things are looking excellent for the girl because the first single, 'T-Shirt' is just fantastic.

Check out for more information and to hear the first single AND add the singer on Myspace! 'T-Shirt' is already doing great on Top 40 radio, so request the song & look out for a video soon.

Shontelle - T-Shirt

P!nk's 'So What' Coming Soon

'So What' has been announced as the first single off of P!nk's fifth yet-to-be-named studio album. It's going for adds on Top 40 Radio come August 18th so we can expect to hear the track sometime soon, maybe late July/early August. I'm excited about it, and I'm wondering what the feel of the song is gonna be about, especially since she split with her husband in February.

Above is P!nk in studio...looking forward to the single!! Also don't forget that she was doing some work with Danja so we should expect some crazy beats and awesome rhythms.

Ciara's High Price Is An All-Time Low

High Price featuring Ludacris is the latest piece of Ciara to hit the web. It's not a banga guys! It's just kinda freaky, messy and sounds like an urbanized, crunked up Britney Spears. Maybe she'll find some success on Dance Charts but Urban and Pop Radio might send this song off to an early dismissal.

I know C has got wayyyy more talent & creation skills. As original as this is, it's just not very appealing but maybe I'm wrong. How do you feel about the track?

High Price - Ciara

Should I?

Does Miley Cyrus have talent? I mean seriously, I'm not sure how to answer that question. Particularly because I love to hate her, she's just so hateable, lol. I do pity her though, the press makes life so hard for her.

If any of you guys download Breakout, Miley's first non-Hannah Montana album, tell me how it goes cause I'm just to darn stubborn to listen to it. I already think '7 Things' is a mess anyways.

So post your reviews in the comment box. Maybe if I get over 5 good ones, I'll consider listening to the album..eek.

Below, you can check out her gut wrenching performance of 7 Things on GMA.

So What About The Emmys?

I've never taken these things seriously but just for fun this year, I will!

I find the new category - Outstanding Host For A Reality Show Or Reality Competition - really cool, I mean isn't it? Tyra must be mad screw though.

<----this doesn't get you nominations!

Maybe if she stopped talking about herself instead of her models on the show (and on The Tyra Show :/) lol.. ..& while she's not nominated Heidi Klum is & so are Ryan Seacrest, Howie Mandel, Tom Bergeron (DWTS) & Jeff Probst (Survivor). I'm rooting for Tom even though Ryan's awesome, cause Tom just does a great job!

And go Christina Applegate for best actress in a comedy series! whoo. Isn't Samantha Who just great?

Sittin' At A Bar..

I stumbled across this song on Thursday (Bartender Song by Rehab) which has been out for a while & well, it's awesome! I'm not even sure how to describe it actually lol. It's like a mix of alternative, rap some country feel and some comedic elements. Go buy it on iTunes! Support the artist. They're currently sitting at 67 on iTunes Top Songs.


Bartender Song (AKA Sittin' At A Bar)

The song has several versions but this one is the nicest and most radio-friendly. Enjoy!

Friday, July 18


Hey! My name's Chris & I'm a teenager living in the Caribbean - Barbados - and this is actually my 2nd blog.
My last one was solely a music blog, Chr!sCross*Music. I deleted it a few months ago though 'cause not only did I get really tired of it, I just couldn't keep up. So I gave up..yeah lol. I'mma loser. But now I'm gonna try again with this one - Exclusively Exclusive!

It's gonna be everthing .. I think. My exclusive take on everything celebrity, music, life and all sorts a sh!t like that. I will post mp3s every once in a while to all those music loving pplz so don't get worried. The template I'm using now is temporary & I'll change it in due time.

Another thing is that I want this blog to be reallyyyyyy interactive because it's not only my exclusive views on random stuff but yours too! So remember this blog lol (bookmark the page) please! lol.

Until next post.....