Sunday, November 23

Album Review: Shontelligence - Shontelle

"Shontelligence" is the debut album from the newest Barbadian pop phenom (the first being Rihanna), Shontelle. With pressure from reviewers and bloggers to top RiRi's scale of music (in order to avoid music), Shontelle was expected to deliver. Did she?

The disc starts out with 'T-Shirt', the catchy, R&B/Pop number which will remain a favourite of mine for decades to come. Am I the only one shocked to see that 'T-Shirt' peaked at 36 on the Billboard Hot 100? It was worthy of Top 10. Maybe something will boost its performance in the near future.

Following that or other stand-outs included 'Battle Cry' which was featured in the Obama campaign as well as on the "Yes We Can: Voices Of A Grassroots Movement" CD, 'Superwoman' and 'Cold Cold Summer'. The next song 'Roll It' is pretty decent but having heard the original it makes Shontelle's version seem mediocre. Which it is and that's rather surprising considering she wrote the song.

Some songs are just fillers and you get the feeling that Ms. Layne could've done a better job. 'Ghetto Lullaby', 'I Crave You' and 'Flesh And Bone' are examples of these. They're good but not good enough.

Lyrically, the album is superb. 'Plastic People' is an amazing track and hopefully Shontelle will use that intelligence of hers and send it to radio soon. However, all in all, the album is just good. Not great but not bad. It's good. I love it. Personally it's almost on the same level as "Music Of The Sun". So, 3 albums in, Shontelle will have her own "Good Girl Gone Bad" and that..excites me.

Album Higlights

Album Rating: [3.5/5]

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Beyonce On Soundcheck

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