Tuesday, October 28

Music Video: Live Your Life | T.I.

With all the hype surrounding the 'Live Your Life' music video I was really expecting some really fancy stuff. I must say that I am terribly disappointed as the video really lacks any great quality or enjoyment. It's very simple and bland. It's just so..disappointing. As a Rihanna stan however, I will mention that she looked absolutely gorgeous and boy am I glad, that they included part of the album version - her bridge.

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Sunday, October 26

Music Video: Come Over (Feat. Sean Paul) | Estelle

Gosh have I missed Sean Paul. The song doesn't have the groove of 'American Boy' but it's still pretty good. I don't see it doing well. Maybe in an Urban Adult format. These two get REALLY cozy though..my oh my.

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Saturday, October 25

Cadillac Records Movie Trailer

Looks like something I've seen before. I'll end up watching it though, Beyoncé's in it after all.

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Jennifer Hudson's Mother And Brother Brutally Murdered And Nephew Kidnapped

OSCAR winner Jennifer Hudson was “overwhelmed with grief” yesterday after the murders of her mother and brother and the kidnapping of her seven-year-old nephew.

The Dreamgirls actress flew home to Chicago from Florida with her new fiancé as police questioned her former brother-in-law over the double killing and abduction.

Jennifer’s mother (at left with Jennifer) Darnell Donerson, 57, and her brother Jason Hudson, 29, were gunned down in the family home in Englewood, on the city’s crime-ridden South Side. Jennifer’s nephew, Julian King, is still missing last night as police mounted a huge search.

Words cannot describe my frustration with people that would commit such a crime. It's absolutely outrageous. This is a horrible story and my prayers go out to the Hudson family. I do hope J. Hud's nephew is found safe and sound as soon as possible.

Friday, October 24

New Beyoncé Promo Pic: Can You Do This?

Just A Thought...

Music Video: Turn My Swag On | Soulja Boy//iSouljaBoyTellem Album Cover

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Lady GaGa On Jimmy Kimmel

The newest pop gem was great on Jimmy Kimmel. Wasn't expecting anything different though.

Remember to buy "The Fame" by Lady GaGa it's in stores in Canada but it's out elsewhere on October 28th!

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Music Video: Numba 1 (Tide Is High) | Kardinal Offishall

Another music video with the smokin' hot Keri Hilson! Lovin' the song. I prefer this with Rihanna but that might be just because I love that girl..your opinions? The video is nice but nothing spectac.

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Enrique Iglesias & Ciara - Takin' Back My Love

This here is a nice, sexy song for Enrique's upcoming Greatest Hits album. Check it out!

Takin' Back My Love f/ Ciara - Enrique Iglesias

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Music Video: Return The Favor | Keri Hilson

The Queen Of Music has risen and taken the form of Keri Hilson. Shaking her body like a serpent and doing all kinds of stuff that I can't remember because I only watched the video once (plan to do so many more times)..that's 'Return The Favor', which I believe is scheduled to be a double single with Turnin' Me On Featuring Lil' Wayne. You MUST check out this video. MUST.

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Thursday, October 23

[Preview] I Stay In Love | Mariah Carey

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Jennifer Hudson On Soundcheck

I may be late but I'd rather be late than never.

J. Hud was amazing on Soundcheck..to watch the entire performance CLICK HERE.

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Soulja Boy Is Turning His Swag On

Haha..I love this guy. Here's a video trailer featuring the street single 'Turn Ya Swag On' to amp up the arrival of "iSouljatellem", his new album which is scheduled to hit stores on December 16th. Expect to hear 'Birdwalk', the first single on radio soon!

"I’m going to continue to keep up the momentum through 2009, so plan on seeing me all over the internet on your favorite websites and blogs with my new videos and updates on where I’m at and what I am doing. You are not going to be able to get away from Soulja Boy Tell’em…YUUUAAAAA!” - Soulja Boy

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Music Video: Poker Face | Lady GaGa

I really have a thing for this chick. She has an undeniable sex appeal and a really diverse talent. Music videos like this really get me going. It's great, and destined to be a favourite for many.

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Music Video: Battle Cry (Barack Obama) | Shontelle // Shontelligence Album Cover

Shontelle is clearly making some big movements because her song ‘Battle Cry’ which will be featured on her debut album “Shontelligence” has also been included in Barack Obama’s “Yes We Can: Voices Of A Grassroots Movement" CD. Definitely check out the video.

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Pics From The Set Of The Rehab Music Video

It’s looking really steamy guys! I think this should be a number one on video charts if the images speak for the video to come. ‘Rehab’ is still only in Top 50 of Pop Airplay. Hopefully a music video release will send it shooting up the charts.


Can you say smoking? It’s amazing that just looking at these pictures you can tell that these two have undeniable chemistry, perfect for a video. Not trying to say these two should get in a bed, but hey that would be pretty hott. I’m all for Chris Brown though – don’t get it twisted, lol.

Credits: Rihanna Daily

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Robyn Says: Dream On

I absolutely love this song. The music video is great. I can’t think of what else to say but I wish all the success for this song and for Robyn.

It’s set for a November 17th release in the U.K. but I think this might be Robyn’s breakthrough in the States so my fingers are crossed. ‘Dream On’ is included in the U.S. edition of Robyn’s latest album, '”Robyn”.


Dream On – Robyn

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I'm Back! Sorry!

Sorry about the absence of posts guys. I missed blogging and I'm sure somebody missed my blogging..so I'm back with a vengeance (maybe). Looking forward to post whoring. I'm still looking for blogging partners so e-mail me! Or leave a message in my cBox! Thanksss.......By the way just thought I'd mention since I'm a huge Rihanna lover..isn't it great that she now has five US number ones? :)

Thursday, October 2

Music Video: Hot N Cold | Katy Perry

Can you say awesome music video. Hot N Cold is destined to be Katy Perry's second number one song. This girl is incredible. Nothing left to say!

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